Relay 10/R

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This is a literal translation of the relay text in Germanech. Given the fact that in many respects both languages share the same design principles, comparing them is extremely interesting.


Dan Jones

Wardatz l'infeintz!

Oles, oles! Kechus es pfesatz? Jär es weneitz miedein jaun al nuster adefust furmöisal, a werdar l'infentz. La a fasch jechest pföze a delischar l'infeintz: a juchatz cun len, len a canzatz, etc. Megratz jechel, l'infentz lan a stechatz, lan a slachatz, lan a dewodatz e el a defenestratz lei rimenütz.

Ke facher? Ke facher? Je saif ran, ez or je aschund l'afacher, nu sei ke lei pföleitz introje cestune weschande.

Beware of the baby!

Oh dear, what happened? Yesterday a young girl came to our pretty home to watch over the baby. She did what she could to entertain the child: she played with him, sang songs to him, etc. But despite that, the baby attacked her, tore here apart, devoured her, and threw the remains out of the window.

What to do? What to do? I don't know, and for now I conceal the affair, lest the police will ask annoying questions.

© Jan van Steenbergen, Dan Jones, 27 Sept. 2004