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Conlang Translation Relay no. 10/R "The Olympic Relay"


This is how it works:

  • First, you receive the latest iteration of the relay text with all the instructions and information necessary to translate it.
    • In Rings A, B and S, this information will usually consist of a Conlang-English glossary, some information about grammar, and if necessary an interlinear analysis (i.e. the same as in previous relays).
    • In the Romlang Rings (Rings Q and R), interlinear analyses are strictly forbidden, and the glossary is etymological instead: when possible, give the Latin (or otherwise Romance) word that served as a source for the word in your conlang, and give an English translation only when the meaning has diverged beyond an average person's deduction capabilities, or when the source of the word is not Romance. English translations of the source words are allowed, but not compulsory. Grammatical information may be limited to those things that cannot be understood without some general or common knowledge about Romance languages.
      This is what you send to the next participant. However, each participant has the right to ask his predecessor for English glosses. Of course, the sport will be to do that as little as possible or even not at all. But if you are seriously stuck somewhere, don't hesitate to ask.
      Anyone who still can't handle the text is still welcome to be added to Ring S (the ring for Romlang Dropouts). It will mean that you receive a different text, though.
  • With all the information you have received, start decyphering it. If you are really struggling (or if the stuff you received lacks some vital info), you may query the preceding conlanger by private email, but remember that he/she may not give you a sustained translation.
  • Then, translate it into your own conlang. If there are things you still don't understand in the source language, make an educated guess: it's better to have a consistent story based on a more-than-free translation than a word-for-word translation that makes no sense.
  • After you have made a version in your own language, send three emails:
    • to the next participant: the new text in your language, glossary and grammatical instruction, but NO SMOOTH ENGLISH TRANSLATION.
      Important: do not give more information than necessary for decyphering the text (so no complete grammars or links to them).
    • to the Relay Master: the same as above, but INCLUDING A SMOOTH ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the text in your conlang.
      Optionally, you may also add a smooth translation of the text you received; such a translation will demonstrate how well you have understood your source text, and how you implemented that into your own conlang.
    • to the Relay list : an announcement that you have passed the torch to so and so.
  • If you are in Ring A or B, you have no more than 48 hours to complete your task; if you are in Ring Q or R, you have 72 hours. If nobody has heard anything from you after that period, you will mercilessly be passed over. If you see in advance that you won't be able to remain within the schedule, please notify the Relay Master and the List as soon as possible, so that you can be either rescheduled or given a dispensation.
    A typical "relay day" starts at 12:00 AM (GMT) and ends at 11:59 PM (GMT).
  • After the completion of the Relay, the Relay Master publishes the results of the Game on a website.
  • For the website, soundbytes of all versions of the text are encouraged, but of course not required. Same goes for version of the text in conscripts etc.