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What is Interslavic?PurposeA heterogeneous languageClassificationNaturalism and flexibilityThe name „Medžuslovjansky”Our teamDisclaimer

Design criteria

Phonology and writingVocabulary (international versus Slavic, which roots to use, false friends, neologisms, how to establish the right form for a root)Grammar (simple level, advanced level)

A short history of Interslavic

Pan-Slavic language projects

ListThe numbers 1-10 in constructed Slavic languagesThe Pan-Slavic RelaySlavic personal pronouns

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How to use Interslavic?Can all Slavs understand Interslavic?What are those weird characters and letters?How can I write Interslavic on my own keyboard?Help! I can't find a word!Interslavic and... English / Russian / Esperanto / Slovio / Proto-Slavic/OCS

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Letters and sounds


AlphabetRepresentation of problematic charactersExtended alphabetOverviewGuidelines


Phoneme inventory (vowels, consonants)Hard and soft consonantsPhonotacticsMorphophonemic alternations (palatalisation, iotation, o > e, y > i/e, ě > i, fleeting o/e)


OverviewEtymological extensionsGeneral remarkStress

Simple grammar («Slovianto»)

Slovianto, level 1

Alphabet Grammar Sample text: in the restaurant Basic vocabulary

Slovianto, level 2

Introducing gender (nouns, adjectives) Verbs Sample text: our village

Advanced grammar


Masculine declensionNeuter declensionFeminine declensionAthematic declensionIrregular nounsIndeclinable nouns


InflectionShort formAdverbsDegrees of comparison


PersonalReflexivePossessiveDemonstrativeRelativeInterrogativeIndefinitePronominal adverbs


CardinalOrdinalFractionsCollectiveMultiplicativeDifferentialSubstantivised numbersTwin births


Perfective and imperfective aspectConjugation (stems, present, past, future, conditional, imperative, participles and gerund, the passive voice)Irregular verbs (byti, dati/jesti/věděti, idti)





Word formation

SuffixesPrefixesCompound words


From Proto-SlavicInternational words


Interslavic dialectsIn pronunciationIn spellingExamples


Dynamic Interslavic dictionary English <> Interslavic

Dynamic Interslavic dictionary Polish <> Interslavic

English-Interslavic dictionary • Anglijsko-medžuslovjansky slovnik

Interslavic-English dictionary • Medžuslovjansko-anglijsky slovnik (Latin versionCyrillic version)

Polish-Interslavic dictionary • Słownik polsko-międzysłowiański • Poljsko-medžuslovjansky slovnik

Interslavic-Polish dictionary • Słównik międzysłowiańsko-polski • Medžuslovjansko-poljsky slovnik (Latin versionCyrillic version)

Interslavic Lexicon


The Little Prince • Maly princ • Малы принц

The Lord's Prayer • Otče naš • Отче наш

The Tower of Babel • Věža Babelja • Вєжа Бабеља

The Wren • Strižik • Стрижик

The North Wind and the Sun • Sěverny větr i solnce • Сєверны вєтр и солнце

Our village • Naše selo • Наше село

The Sheep and the Horses • Ovca i konji • Овца и коњи

The Wolf and the Dog • Volk i pes • Волк и пес

From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 1

Three jokes • Tri směšky • Три смєшкы

Four 2006 news items • Četyri novosti iz 2006 goda • Четыри новости из 2006 года (obsolete)

Essays about Interslavic (in Interslavic)

Memorandum medžuslovjanskoj společnosti, septembr 2011 • Меморандум меджусловјанској сполечности, септембр 2011

Medžuslovjansky, umětny język ili prirodny? • Меджусловјанскы, уметны језык или природны?

Založenja za medžuslovjansky jezyk • Заложенја за меджусловјанскы језык

Claude Piron: Psihologične reakcije na esperanto

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Transliteration program

Transcription program

Verb conjugator

Spell checker

Words learning tool

Noun declinator

Adjective declinator

Voting Machine

Online Slavic dictionaries

Eternal calendar


The Painted Bird – the first film in Interslavic

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