News from the Republic of the Two Crowns

Lots and lots of different newspapers, magazines and other publications in several languages and of all political convictions are published in the RTC. Particularly known are the titles Wita Warsinie, Gazeta Jeleconała, Rzejpybiełka, Wiortać, Trzybuna Popłu, Kurzęć Mazowiany, Erdeka Jarmata, Siecianarz Żeniarały, Polityka, Rzece, and Nę!. Furthermore, there are radio and television broadcasting stations and press agencies. These pages contain news items from the RTC, mostly in the form of articles from the daily newspaper Wita Warsinie and radio transcripts from WRW (Wenedyk Radio Warsina) 1.

All news items listed below are part of a larger collection of news items from the whole Ill Bethisad world, which can be found here.

WITA WARSINIE, 13.08.2003   Parliamentary elections in Latvia
WITA WARSINIE, 14.08.2003 Latvia turns back the clock
WITA WARSINIE, 04.10.2003 New government in Latvia
WRW1, 07.10.2003, 14:05 Mąd par ura (The world in an hour) — Political unrest in Belarus
WITA WARSINIE, 05.12.2003 Jekwiała marathon
WITA WARSINIE, 20.12.2003 Sacz about the Belarussian elections
WITA WARSINIE, 26.01.2004 Royal condoleances for Kemr
WITA WARSINIE, 08.02.2004 Petrograd applies for Baltic League too
WITA WARSINIE, 27.02.2004 Next sunday: Chopin memorial day
WITA WARSINIE, 22.03.2004 Baltic League convenes in Danzig
Russia offers to mediate
WITA WARSINIE, 23.03.2004 RTC joins the War
WITA WARSINIE, 24.03.2004 Scandinavian misbehaviour in F-C; Piniatyk demands explanation
WITA WARSINIE, 25.03.04 Scandinavian ambassador reassures Piniatyk
WRW1, 25.03.2004, 13:00 Mszatka (the News)
WRW1, 26.03.2004, 16:00 Mszatka (the News)
WITA WARSINIE, 27.03.2004 Triumphal procession in Miami
WRW1, 28.03.2004, 12:30 Mąd par siemlura (The world in half an hour) — Staniszkiene about Florida
WRW1, 29.03.2004, 8:00 Mszatka (the News)
WITA WARSINIE, 30.03.2004 Conflict with Scandinavia settled
Government disposes of Aldendorf
WITA WARSINIE, 31.03.2004 Sejm debates Florida policy
Coup in Tobago
Batavian queen buried in Delft
WASP, 01.04.2004 Press release
WITA WARSINIE, 01.04.2004 RTC invaded by Martians?
Tobago unites with Latvia
WRW1, 25.04.2004, 12:30 h Mąd par siemlura (The world in half an hour) — Baltic League summit
ITARF, 08.06.2004 Press release
WITA WARSINIE, 30.06.2004 Galician-Volhynian meeting in Czytać Leoniór
WITA WARSINIE, 07.07.2004 101 days in Southeast Florida
WITA WARSINIE, 09.08.2004 Trucker drives with over 1/200
Cayman loitering around in Orsoń
WITA WARSINIE, 18.08.2004 Support for Florida
WITA WARSINIE, 25.08.2004 Referendum about Galician-Volhynian unification
LISTY NAARODNJ, 25.08.2004 Czechs support Volhynian referendum
WITA WARSINIE, 27.08.2004 Polarisation around Volhynian referendum
WITA WARSINIE, 06.09.2004 Book review — Attention: venedophobia!
WITA WARSINIE, 13.09.2004 RNDO threatens to leave coalition
WITA WARSINIE, 14.09.2004 Arensky assumes dictatorial power
WITA WARSINIE, 06.01.2005 RTC supports Asia
WITA WARSINIE, 19.01.2005 Twenty years without sleep!
WITA WARSINIE, 17.09.2005 Miracle in Robina Minarza
BBC World News Service, 18.11.2005 The RTC in Brief
WITA WARSINIE, 31.01.2006 Convention Center Collapse in Piniat
WITA WARSINIE, 14.07.2006 Prowana dismissed!
WITA WARSINIE, 19.07.2006 Florida's new boss
WRW1, 19.07.2006, 23:00 Mszatka (the News)
WITA WARSINIE, 29.07.2006 Open letter against "Occupation of Florida"
Anti-Florida motion voted down in Sejm
WUCZ FLORYDZIE, 04.08.2006 Municipal elections in November
WITA WARSINIE, 05.08.2006 Monika Łewynśka arrested
RZEJPYBIEŁKA, 05.08.2006 Short news
WIORTAĆ POPŁU, 05.08.2006 Editorial
WITA WARSINIE, 08.08.2006 "We can't save the world with banquets and dinner parties"
WRW1, 09.08.2006, 12:20 Mąd par kodrzęta minutar (The world in fourty minutes) — Staniszkiene about Florida
WUCZ FLORYDZIE, 10.08.2006 Irish Zone falling apart
WITA WARSINIE, 19.08.2006 Little hope for cooperation after September elections
WITA WARSINIE, 22.08.2006 Batavian ambassador visits Sasomętany
WITA WARSINIE, 25.08.2006 “Bam-Bam” arrested in Louisianne
WRW1, 28.08.2006, 18:50 Mszatka (the News)
WITA WARSINIE, 29.08.2006 World in shock after double assassination
WITA WARSINIE, 30.08.2006 RTC involvement in “Assassination of the Century”?
RZEJPYBIEŁKA, 30.08.2006 Election campaign turning violent in Galicia
WITA WARSINIE, 31.08.2006 “Bam-Bam” found dead in Louisianne
Primoryan president warns Japan
GAZETA EN DOMIEŃKU, 03.09.2006 News Headlines
WITA WARSINIE, 04.09.2006 Huge victory for ŻŻŻ
Veneda 2006: election results

Veneda 2006: election results per province
WITA WARSINIE, 14.09.2006 Spectacular escape from ODS headquarters in Łódź
WITA WARSINIE, 12.10.2006 Janać presents new Venedic government
GAZETA JELECONAŁA, 31.03.2007 Marek Aldendorf's resignation: the sad end of a splendid carreer
WRW1, 02.11.2007, 22:05 Echo dzei (Echo of the day) — Interview with minister Bościciału
WUCZ FLORYDZIE, 06.11.2007 Bambaryła tired of accusations
High-ranking bushist official arrested
PORUŁA WENEDKA, 21.01.2008 Presla, Wratislavia, Warsisłuwa – wyna czytać ku czętu numien
WITA WARSINIE, 20.06.2008 Jętuń got the job 34 years after his death
WITA WARSINIE, 28.10.2008 Bościciału succeeds Piniatyk
WITA WARSINIE, 01.12.2008 Little support for RTC in Florida
WNIASTRA MĘDU, 06.01.2009 Mass emigration to Florida and its demographic consequences
WITA WARSINIE, 07.01.2009 Swiss-Oberg warns for financial disaster
GAZETA JELECONAŁA, 19.01.2009 EDITORIAL — What is going on in Florida???
WITA WARSINIE, 20.01.2009 Exercise or pacification?
WITA WARSINIE, 22.01.2009 NAL threatens the RTC
WUCZ FLORYDZIE, 23.01.2009 Cuatro Whát???
WITA WARSINIE, 24.01.2009 RTC will not recognise Four Palms
WITA WARSINIE, 26.01.2009 Bombs destroy hotel in Miami; Bambaryła feared dead
WITA WARSINIE, 31.01.2009 Bambaryła's Return
GAZETA JELECONAŁA, 05.02.2009 RTC celebrates 60th anniversary
WRW1, 20.02.2009, 23:05 Echo dzei (Echo of the day) — Interview with prof. Onute Staniszkiene
WITA WARSINIE, 03.03.2009 Bościciału regrets misunderstanding with CVSS
WITA WARSINIE, 05.03.2009 Bambaryła in trouble
WITA WARSINIE, 06.03.2009 Government under heavy attack; coalition is crumbling
WITA WARSINIE, 09.03.2009 NDS withdraws from government